Inventor V4MCI-24UR/U4MRS-24 inverter cassette

Inventor V4MCI-24UR/U4MRS-24 inverter cassette

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Inventor V4MCI-24UR/U4MRS-24 Cassette-Ceiling air conditionerAir Conditioner Cassettes. The ideal solution for low-rise professional spacesThe 8-point air outlet offers high levels of comfort and efficiency
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Item specifics

  • 24.000btu Yes
  • Α++ (Cooling) Yes
  • Α+++ (Heating) Yes
  • Inverter Yes
  • Wi-Fi ready Yes
  • Cooling output 24.000btu (4.100-28.000 Btu/h)
  • Heating output 26.000btu (4.100-29.500 Btu/h)
  • SEER 6.1
  • SCOP 5.1
  • Noize level of indoors unit 39/42/46 db(A)
  • Noize level of outdoors unit 60.5
  • Dimensions of indoors unit (LxHxW) 840x245x840 mm
  • Dimensions of Outdoors unit (LxHxW) 845x363x702 mm
  • Refrigerant R32
  • Waranty 10 Years

Product Description

Inventor V4MCI-24UR/U4MRS-24 Cassette-Ceiling air conditioner

Air Conditioner Cassettes. The ideal solution for low-rise professional spaces

The 8-point air outlet offers high levels of comfort and efficiency

Enjoy a clean and healthy atmosphere by introducing fresh air into the room

Take advantage of the sophisticated design of the indoor unit and budget one more room

Enjoy extra features and features through a wide range of central controls

Ergonomic design for uniform temperature and high performance

Inventor Indoor ceiling cassette units, with their flexible size, can be mounted on suspended ceilings of limited height. The modern multi-output panel guarantees a uniform air distribution offering a constant temperature throughout the room. Their wide range covers areas of any size, as they are available in bits ranging from 18,000 to 36,000 Btu (single phase) and from 42,000 to 54,000 Btu / h (three-phase). The central controls with multiple features and extra features are specially designed to meet the particular requirements of hotels, businesses and homes.

10 Year Warranty In All Inventor Air Conditioners

All Inventor air conditioning products are accompanied by a 10-year warranty. The high quality of production, as well as the quality raw materials, guarantee the flawless operation of Inventor products for many years, even in demanding operating conditions. This competitive advantage of Inventor's air conditioning products is our commitment to consumers for the quality and fidelity of our products.

Air outlet 360 °

The ergonomic panel with multiple air outlets offers impeccable air conditioning in every corner of the room. The air exits from 8 instead of 4 exits keeping the temperature at constant levels for greater comfort.

Air Exit Pipe Connection Capability

Take advantage of the sophisticated construction of the indoor unit and financially cool small auxiliary spaces. By simply connecting an air duct, air up nearby areas such as a small storage room or a small bedroom. Save money from purchasing an extra air conditioner and enjoy ideal conditions everywhere.

Fresh Air Inlet

Refresh the air of the air-conditioned area by bringing clean air out of the environment. The special slots on the indoor unit make it easy to install. Easily enjoy a clean and healthy environment.

Integrated Condensing Pump

The pre-installed condensate pump is the solution for difficult installations. With a lifting height of up to 750mm, you can select the location of the air conditioner where you want it.

Wired Controller (Optional)

Choose between a wireless or wall-mounted controller or both simultaneously. With the wall-mounted control, you can have full control of the air conditioner at the point you choose. Ideal for professional spaces.

Central Control Management (Optional)

Possibility of installing a central control system. Check up to 64 air conditioners from a controller.

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