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MultiClima was founded in 1989 with the task of heating and air conditioning by Petros Th. Spyropoulos.
Over the years, the company has expanded into the fields of plumbing, solar systems, floor heating, and renewable energy sources, and nowadays it faithfully follows the latest technological developments in the field of energy saving energy systems.
We offer geothermal, solar and Biotherm Pellet systems, the most economical and economical fuel market.

We direct imports from many European companies (Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, etc.) and Asia (always tested and certified products), resulting in the best value for money. In recent years, we have also been building our own heating and solar systems.

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Our Facilities

Our company is staffed by licensed engineers and engineers and is housed in our privately owned facilities (2500m2). An independent building with comfortable air-conditioned spaces and a variety of exhibits on Ag. Ioannis Pratsikas where the customer can find all the products ready and in large quantities, near the center of Patras and with easy access. We also have warehouses in Mandra, Attica and in the Industrial Area. Sindos in Thessaloniki, for direct Pan Hellenic service. Finally, you can also be served by our picking points at Kalochori Thessaloniki and Kolonos in Athens.In our 30-year course we have designed and executed a number of specialized projects such as: heating, hot water production from a combination of solar and heat pumps, solar heating systems, geothermal systems, antifreeze underfloor heating on ramps and roads and many others that give us the confidence that we can we respond adequately to whatever your needs are.
With experienced engineers and specialist crews, we are able to offer innovative solutions to special needs of air conditioning, ventilation and heating and exploitation of solar and natural gas.