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Pellet Boiler stove Mytherm IOLI TS 18/18 kW

Pellet Boiler stove Mytherm IOLI TS 18/18 kW
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f you want to heat a home, maisonette or business space and indoors is one way or option, then the ideal solution is the IOLI water pellet unit with carefully designed and built, which adds fire element and beautifies the space your.

Choose an IOLI water pellet boiler model that meets your heating needs and leave the rest to it with the best of modern technology for economical, quiet operation, respect for the environment, low exhaust and perfect combustion.

The IOLI water pellet stove evenly warms your entire room. It is equipped with all the necessary electronic and electrical operating and safety systems (pump, expansion tank, automatic vent) to continuously and seamlessly provide its services. It is the only unit that has (OPTIONAL) air flow control (lpm) air flow technology formula, to regulate the amount of air under actual combustion conditions, resulting in cleaner combustion, economy and lower unit charge - the need for less service.

Ability to mount automatic - manual cleaning of extra tubes.

Water pellet stove coloring:



Approximate heating space in m²
Autonomy up to 24 hours
Consumption 1,85 - 4,50kg/h
Dimentions (W x H x D) cm 53 x 109 x 71cm
Efficiency rate 92%
Fuel Wood Pellet
Heating space 100 τ.μ.
Maximum Power 18,0kw
Minimum Power 8,0kw
Net weight 155kg
Pellet tank capacity 45kg
Smoke outlet 80mm
Water capacity 25lt
Water output 8-20kw
Nominal Power (kw)
18kw Yes