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Radiant R2K-34 Condensing wall hang gas boiler

Radiant R2K-34 Condensing wall hang gas boiler
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  • Brand: Radiant
  • Product Code: Rad-R2K-34
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The new "NOx class 5" series of high performance boilers is harmonized with the "ERP2015" and the 813/2013 and 814/2015 Directives which require a 1/9 inverter circulator and 1 / 9th burner operation ratio.

The wall-mounted hot-water boilers of the R2K series are a benchmark for domestic heating. The stylish design combined with its small dimensions create, in any space, a harmonious set.


Approximate heating space in m²
151-200m² Yes
Efficiency rate 106,43
Nominal Power 36,19kw
Sanitary hot water production 16,0 lt/min
Nominal Power (kw)
30-35kw Yes