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Werstahl King-ion 12 | 12.000 BTU

Werstahl King-ion 12 | 12.000 BTU
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  • Brand: Werstahl
  • Product Code: CS-32V3A
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Werstahl air conditioners, are produced under strict standards and quality control. They follow the ISO 9001 Guidelines, are are CE Certified.
Every Werstahl air conditioner, is thoroughly inspected, to ensure maximum endurance and efficiency.

As a reassurance that you are purchasing a high quality product, we offer 10 years Compressor warranty and 5 years full warranty, covering everything that could ever happen to an air conditioning system.

Mold Proof Operation

When turning off the unit on COOL, DRY, AUTO (Cool) mode, it will continue operating for about 10 minutes at LOW fan speed. This will dry up the condensed water inside the evaporator, and prevent the breeding of mildew.


Washable Eco Filter

The removable and washable Eco filter catches very small airborne dust particle.


Silver ion

The Silver Ion can kill bacteria or prevent their activity by destroying their inner configuration and absorbing the elements in their cells. The Nano Silver attached on the filter releases Silver Ion constantly to eliminate bacteria.


Auto Restart

In the event of any power outage, this function lets the unit automatically restart with the same setting as soon as power resumes.


Leak Detection

With this new technology, the indoor unit will alarm when the outdoor unit detects a condition of refrigerant leakage. Also it will detect any abnormal operation and display the appropriate fault codes.

leak detection


Sleep Mode

This enables the unit to automatically adjust to optimal temperatures by increasing setpoint by 1° per hour for the first two hours. Then steady cooling for 5 hours, and then automatically turns off, allowing you to sleep soundly while saving energy.


Turbo Mode

The Turbo function allows your room to cool or heat immediately. Shock cooling within 30 seconds and fast heating within 2 minutes.


Louvre Position Memory

When you start the unit again, the angle of the horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position from previous use.



Energy Class
Α++ (Cooling)
Α++ (Heating)
Special Features
Air conditioners
Cooling output 10944 (6156 - 11970) btu/h
Heating output 8576 (5472 - 11628) btu/h
SEER 6.0
SCOP 5.0
Noize level of indoors unit 29/39 db(A)
Noize level of outdoors unit 52 db(A)
Dimensions of indoors unit (LxHxW) 780 x 276 x 202mm
Dimensions of Outdoors unit (LxHxW) 715 x 235 x 540mm
Refrigerant R32