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60 litre Mastersol Double energy boiler

60 litre Mastersol Double energy boiler
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  • Brand: Mastersol
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60 liter, double energy electric cylinder - Glass

MasterSOL's Boiler is manufactured with a heat exchanger (double jacket) and is available in three types: Floor, Vertical and Horizontal. In this way, the optimal efficiency of the appliance in the hot water supply is ensured throughout the years, without the consumption of electricity by exploiting the operation of central heating.

Technical specifications

    Outer casing of a special 0,6mm thick steel sheet painted with electrostatic paint.
    Strong polyurethane insulation 35mm thick and 40,5kg / m3 for complete thermal insulation.
    1204 V.E. special steel boiler. 2.5mm thick, tested at 15ATM, with Bayer Germany's hard-coated glass (DURO-GLASS) baked at> 850oC to DIN 4753 / 3-5-8.
    4,000 Watt electrical resistance, safety thermostat and anode for full protection.
    Closed circuit closed circuit of UST 37.2 1,5 mm thick steel sheet covering up to 80% of the length of the water tank for very fast heat transfer.

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60 LT
Dimentions (W x H x D) cm 44cm x 61.5cm
Net weight 19.4kg