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200 Lt Forced circulation solar systems Mastersol, for sanitary hot water production (A+ energy label)

200 Lt Forced circulation solar systems Mastersol, for sanitary hot water production (A+ energy label)
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  • Brand: Mastersol
  • Product Code: BLX200-X
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 719.50€

  • Ex Tax: 580.24€

Available Options

  • Supporting Frame
    • Flat roof
    • Incline roof (+45.00€)
  • * Tank type
    • Double Energy (Solar & Electric)
    • Triple Energy (Solar, Electric & connection to heating appliance) (+65.00€)
  • * Solar collector's size
    • 3,0m² (Double collector 1mx1.5m each)
    • 4,0m² (Double collector 1mx2m each) (+79.50€)
  • Wifi
    • WiFi module (+50.00€)
  • Connection Parts
    • NO forced circulation KIT NO forced circulation KIT
    • Unassembled Forced Cirlulation KIT  + 185.00€ Unassembled Forced Cirlulation KIT (+185.00€)
    • Forced circulation KIT - Lovato VRD  + 342.00€ Forced circulation KIT - Lovato VRD (+342.00€)

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Forced-traffic solar systems have been designed and developed for installations with high water heating requirements (residential complexes, hospitals, sports facilities, hotel units, etc.) but also for domestic use, where the storage tank can not placed over the collector for aesthetic or static reasons.

The production of solar circulation systems is carried out in state-of-the-art factory units equipped with robotic technology.

The Forced Plan

forced circulation connection diagram

Differential thermostat automation controls continuously the temperature difference between the solar panels and the boiler and gives the relevant commands to ensure the continuous hot water supply according to the circuit settings. The differential thermostat is electronically programmed to control the differential temperature and has communication keys and a display that displays the parameters and messages.

It also has:

  • Anti-freeze protection for the closed circuit.
  • Overcurrent protection of the closed circuit.

In case of insufficient solar radiation, an auxiliary power source for oil or gas boiler may be commissioned.

This system includes:

  • Vertical 200 liters boiler
  • selective solar collectors, total surface of 4 square meters.
  • Collector's base for flat roof.
  • Electrical resistance of 4kw and thermostat.
  • Plugs, crosses, cups and all the necessary components for the solar collector array.
  • Closed circuit expansion tank.
  • Anti-freeze fluid.

MasterSOL boiler room boilers are internally protected from direct corrosion by 400 ° micron (900 ° C) direct glass fluff, with inorganic silicate mixture without chemical additives (DIN 4753 Teil 3 & 6), for absolute healthy water and exceptional durability.

The above price does not include the boiler set and the thermal carrier. The choice is based on the installation. Contact us for more information

The range is from 150 liters to 9000 liters, with various collector surface combinations, depending on the needs of each application.
- Also boilers can be either vertically or horizontal , Enamelled or Inox 316L .
- The collectors can be either classic selective or crafted pressers.

The company has a quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 for production and trading of solar & electric water heaters.

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200 lt (4-5 users) Yes
Solar Water Heaters
Boiler Tank Capacity (LT) 200lt
Boiler Tank Type With 1 or 2 heat exchangers
Collector's back side 0,5mm Galvanized
Collector's Efficiency Rate 95 +- 2%
Collector's frame Aluminum
Collector's inner pipe structure Copper Φ8 & Φ22 (Harp)
Collector's Insulation Double 4cm Glasswool
Inner Tank Material Double Duro Glass (Bayer) DIN 4753 baked at 850oC
Solar collector's type Selective
Tank's insulation 55mm polyurathane 52kg/m3 density
Tank's material thickness 2,5mm steel USD37,2
Special Features
Wi-Fi ready Yes
Waranty 7y(boiler) 15y(collector)