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  • Brand: Inventor
  • Product Code: EVA-EP3-16
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Save money and energy, thanks to Smart Dehumidification

Ideal levels of humidity in your home, wherever you are!

Enjoy ideal conditions with the lowest noise level and save energy through smart Wi-Fi technology, ensuring a healthy and clean atmosphere in your room, free of dust, bacteria and odors thanks to the built-in ionizer. With the EVA II Pro Wi-Fi dehumidifier, you can dry your clothes efficiently and wholesome thanks to Dryer, while saving money and energy with smart dehumidification, while enjoying ideal levels of moisture in your space.

5 Year Premium Premium on all Inventor Dehumidifiers

All Inventor dehumidifiers are accompanied by a 5 year Premium warranty. The high quality of production, as well as the quality raw materials, guarantee the flawless operation of Inventor products for many years, even in demanding operating conditions. This competitive advantage of Inventor's dehumidifying products is our commitment to consumers for the quality and fidelity of our products.


Adjust the ideal levels of humidity in your area, wherever you are. Enjoy ideal conditions and save energy. Download the INVmate II application through Google Play or the App Store for free and create the environment you want when you want it through smart Wi-Fi technology. The INVmate II application features all the functions of a modern dehumidifier so you can enjoy the benefits of the ideal levels of humidity in your area, no matter where you are.

Low Noise Level

Select the Silent state of the fan from the 3 levels of operation (Silent - MediumTurbo) and the dehumidifier will operate at the lowest noise levels when conditions require it. It is suitable for use in bedrooms - especially in the evenings - in order to enjoy ideal sleeping conditions, as well as in areas where absolute peace is needed, for example. study areas.


Ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere in your room, with the built-in ionizer, featuring Inventor dehumidifiers. Positive and negative ions released, enrich the air, retain dust, bacteria, cigarette smoke and other unpleasant odors, giving you a healthy atmosphere.

Drying of Clothes

Dry your clothes efficiently and healthily with Dryer. Place the clothes rack in a small room (with the door closed) and turn on the "Drying" program. The air that is produced enhances the sense of freshness and ensures dry and fragrant clothes in a short period of time, keeping the room completely dry.

Smart Dehumidification

Save money and energy, thanks to smart dehumidification. The dehumidifier automatically selects the ideal room humidity levels according to room temperature, thus ensuring low power consumption and excellent room conditions.


Special Features
Ionizer Yes
Wi-Fi standard Yes