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Hansa HSP 1 E/F 20-70kw - Gas burner

Hansa HSP 1 E/F 20-70kw - Gas burner
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  • Brand: Hansa
  • Product Code: HSP1
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HSP fan-assisted gas burner

The HSP series represent an improvement over the HANSA pre-mix gas burners with full gas-air modulation. They have been tested to DIN EN 676, fall below emissions class 3 and are suitable for the combustion of natural gas (H/L 10/50 mbar) and propane gas.
The pre-mix gas burner features stepless adjustment between 20 kW and 70 kW and is easy to install. Efficient speed control keeps the power consumption of the HSP burner low, making it extremely attractive for end customers.
All HSP gas burners are characterised by low NOx and CO values, high robustness to gas pressure fluctuations and extremely smooth running properties. They can be operated even at low gas inlet pressures.
Function checks and troubleshooting feature digital readout to simplify handling. Highly stable pressure, good starting characteristics and low-noise operation round out the advantages.