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100 litre Mastersol electric water heater

100 litre Mastersol electric water heater
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  • Brand: Mastersol
  • Product Code: mse100
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    • Vertical
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    • Floor Horizontal

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Electric water heater, 100 liters - Glass

MasterSOL's electric water heaters are available in three types: Floor, Vertical and Horizontal.

Technical specifications

    Outer casing of a special 0,6mm thick steel sheet painted with electrostatic paint.
    Strong polyurethane insulation 35mm thick and 40,5kg / m3 for complete thermal insulation.
    1204 V.E. special steel boiler. 2.5mm thick, tested at 15ATM, with Bayer Germany's hard-coated glass (DURO-GLASS) baked at> 850oC to DIN 4753 / 3-5-8.
    4,000 Watt electrical resistance, safety thermostat and anode for full protection.
The tank has anodic protection of magnesium, for salts and electrolysis.

The thermostat is protected by a thermostatic safety device and a 10 bar safety valve. It has a thermometer and an indicator light.


100 LT
Dimentions (W x H x D) cm 44cm x 94.5cm
Net weight 27.6kg