Mechanical Engineer Studies

Our company undertakes the design, manufacture and delivery in full operation of each type of heating installation. We can recommend our clients and implement:

  • Installation of heating, heating with radiators, heating with full autonomy per property..
  • Underfloor heating installations in conjunction with cooling.
  • Installing heating with one radiator per loop and the possibility of autonomy per property and per room
  • Heating - cooling with fan coils, central boiler for heating, cooling water for cooling (air conditioning) and the possibility of full autonomy per room.
  • Solar heating systems (heating from the sun) in conjunction with either boiler or heat pump (hybrid heating) for maximum savings.
  • Geothermal heat with geothermal heat pump for maximum energy savings even in conjunction with geothermal solar heating.
  • Individual heating for houses and apartments with natural gas or LPG
  • Central heating installations for large industrial or business premises with central or local air conditioning or air handling units and water heaters. Boilers producing hot water or steam by burning diesel, LPG, natural gas or renewable energy sources (solar thermal, geothermal).
  • Production of hot water with boilers in combination with the installation of central heating and solar systems.
  • Boilers of hot water with diesel, LPG or natural gas.
  • Management of central heating systems on full autonomy and counterbalance in relation to internal and external temperature (orometrites, calorimeters, three-way and four-electrode mixing valves, thermostats, Chronotherm, timers, solenoid diode, thermostatic switches, etc.) which shall guaranty the economic operation of the system

Technical Support

We provide technical support to all our customers, from the design and installation of our products to the whole period of their use.
In our company you will find the support of experienced technicians who will discuss with you and show you a wide range of products to find the perfect solution for you. The same people will be with you to take care of any problems that might occur during their instalation and to support their proper function afterwards. All our products are covered by a written factory warranty.

Free of charge case study

We offer you free of charge study of your case with one of our mechanical engineers, to find the best sollution for your case.