With Inox Detachable Alternators

MasterSOL has excellent quality boiler room tanks with detachable multi-litre exchangers for you to choose the ideal one for you. You can place them horizontally in the boiler room and they have places for recirculation and an immersion thermometer. Thus, you will have the ability to control the temperature. Thanks to the soft polyurethane insulation they have, they are able to store hot water for many hours.

In our collection you will find a wide variety of horizontal boiler room tanks with detachable exchangers, to choose the one that meets your needs. They can be connected to a boiler, solar panels and also electric resistance. Thus, they are capable of providing you with hot water from any energy source.

The containers are made entirely of stainless steel (inox), able to withstand corrosion from use, time and salts. They also have an epoxy resin method that makes them able to provide you with clean and healthy hot water, without salts and microorganisms.